Why We Get Fat

Gary Taubes talk on YouTube Why We Get Fat is well known.

It does as one can understand by the title, that it is about what makes us fat. And keeps us there. And even though I would like to point out the health accepts about low carb living, and not the side-effect it has of making people slimmer. Is it no doubt that as in  general, there is some correlation between body size and health. Food rich on nutrients and regular exercise are among those variables not taken in to account when making such generalisation.

I was trying to find some critics of Taubes book. But I had hard time to find any. I comment that at work to a colleague. His responded ”that is because he is never wrong ”. No it was not the same colleague who introduced LCHF to me.

Since then did find a site on Swedish. And also some YouTubes clips. But not anything substantial.

I will try to fill this page with some of that critics later.

Until then all I can say I got both of his books about nutrition. And think everybody should watch this talk.



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