Tom Naughton’s Fat head and other

Are you a fan of the ”documentary” Super size me? As for myself, I was not that amused or impressed about it when I saw it. I remember myself skipping the middle, not even sure I saw the end. To me it was to predicable. Yeah, you eat loads of calories at Mac Donald’s. What do you expect would happen? As anytime else you eat to much.

Tom Naughton is a comedian who made a very important movie. Called Fat head. You can find his blog on : And it is many times something entertaining to read there.

The movie do give a good explanation on how we get fat. And get deceases like the metabolic syndrome. Besides completely debunks the Super Size me.

Besides the movie, have he been holding talks that are also on you tube. They are very entertaining to.

Fat Head movie
Science For Smart People
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 1
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 2
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 3
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 4
Big Fat Fiasco pt. 5




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