Sugar The Bitter Truth

For me, was the talk ”Sugar The Bitter Truth” that you can find on YouTube by R Lustig MD a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UCSF, a big turning point. There are several versions of them, Here is one: Sugar The Bitter Truth

I just think it is a fantastic talk. I have tried to find people with opposite views to him. With that I mean someone who point to some facts. Mostly what I found was quotes like:

he has way of saying things so it sounds universal accepted as truth, And is not

Well it that is the only argument they have. Then it is no wonder the are few of them.

So what is the take home message here? It is that sugar is not only about calories. That it is not only an ”empty calorie”. Meaning sugar has no nutritional value except for giving energy to the body.

His claim is, that the way  the body metabolize sugar. Is it not much different to how alcohol is treated by the body. He shows that out of 12 long term effects of alcohol has on the body. Sugar, as same the effect in 8.

So sugar is has in many ways same long term effect as prolonged misuse of alcohol. And to me do I feel it has ring to it. Everybody knows how worn, old and horrible alcoholics can  looks like. And I do feel that old people who have stayed away from sugar could seem to be looking younger. And it is not only me who is saying it.

We have an YouTube with Alec Baldwin On Letterman show.

And article on Daily mail Where they report findings on much blood it was in participate blood. And how old other people perceived them to be.

And just to end with  a woman on a blog called Sarah Wilson The reason for bringing her up is a clip I found on YouTube with her My ’I Quit Sugar’ features on 60 Minutes

So what if we consume a little more sugar nowadays?

Well according to Lustig did the average American used to consume on average15 mg fructose a day before food processing and such. Now is the number 72.8 mg a day. The numbers are from his talk. Not sure about them. But to me does it seem as a very big increase.

And I at least, do think that such an increase should make you think, of what that does to your body. And wonder if our bodies could handle it. In the long run.



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