Lubricated bodies

I was not suppose to start this blog to with things that was about me and what I was doing.

But I think that exercising is very important. And it is important for all of us.

I always wanted to walk more than necessary. With that I mean, one should use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. I remember once,  when I walked up one of the longest escalators in the Stockholm subway. (University station). One in the study group I was in, where everyone of them was standing. Told me when they got up ”we got to talk” ( had left them there, saying I can not stand still in a escalator.

And I can tell you, I get very irritated when someone is standing on the left, and blocking my way. Because in Stockholm, if you not walking you stand on the right side.

Well I have to adjust when travelling. Different traditions on different places. In Singapore do they put out signs to tell people to do what I consider is right. So I like it. In Moscow does everyone stand one the right. And as a far I can see, not a sign insight. But they have a guard at each escalator. I assume they keep them in line. As for me, I think that the escalators of Moscow, are to long and step to walk all the way. I did it couple of times. And I do understand why I never saw anyone follow my example.

I hope to change this. I have finally started to exercise again. And next time in Moscow will I be in better shape. So I would more often walk up all the way.

A couple of weeks ago did I start something called Bikram yoga. A colleague  suggested it. And it seemed interesting. And I needed to find something. Since I started the LCHF lifestyle had I not done any exercising. And I do believe our bodies should  move around. Otherwise it will get dry and not lubricated. Just as any engine, where the oil gets old.

I liked it, and I wanted to continue. But the cost, and the thought that I maybe would not like it in the long run made me hesitant. Then they same guy said that a gym chain here in Stockholm was also doing it. Well mostly the same. Got another word for it, but otherwise mostly the same. I have not yet tried there version. Will soon I hope.

But I have started to bicycle and use step machine. I hope I do what I think is the thing about walking in staircases. I do low energy exercise training. That is, mostly no cardio.

Of course I will do some cardio. And I will report that. But I will start exercising while still mostly stay on the LCHF track. So I think that some people like to know how it works out when training.

So here it is. Friday, did I eat taco chips and drink pop soda. Otherwise during the weekend did  I so to say behave. And I trained for 50 – 60 min on Saturday and Sunday. And I felt great while doing it. I have not moved a muscle for the last 10 months. Besides just walking. So I far after 2 days of not to hard work out, does my body respond well. And I do look forward to next time.


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