Todays big scare: LCHF cancer

Several newspapers in Sweden had headlines about cancer linked to LCHF. They are mostly in the line of that it exists something called LCHF cancer. Just like colon cancer or something similar. By reading the articles, is it possible to  learn that what they rely mean, breast cancer.

I found it very interesting that one of them (Metro) seemed to connect fast food and alcohol to LCHF.

Couple of Swedish sites are responding to what is written in the papers. One of the better one is:

She writes extensively, but unfortunately on Swedish. But one point is clear. Since 1970 have the breast cancer increased in Sweden.


It is just that during same time,, have what is considered bad  fats like butter lost market. While  consumption of so called healthy stuff, like low calorie margarine gone up.







Yes correlation does not prove causation. But the curves in these 2 graphs just make me think that it just could be something. That is breast cancer have nothing to do with it.

Although  I think that one of the most important reason for increased breast cancer is: Smoking

And I find it funny that none of the papers points out, that during most of the time the numbers of girls smoking have increased.

*this post have been edited to clarify my view


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