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The begining
In this post do I want to take up a couple of things. Like, is saturated fat and cholesterol bad for you or can you train and be on ketongenic diet? Together with, what is cholesterol and ketosis?

The wonderful thing about it, is that I do not need to write anything. I only have to refer to The Eating Academy. blog by Peter Attia. He has knowledge, and a obsession for real data and numbers. Together with a personal story makes his pages a gold mine for anyone interested in nutrition.

The background, nothing about LCHF
Listening and reading his various talk and blog posts, tells a story of a highly gifted nerd/jock with knowledge that is close to a passion for the subject. For some, that is a contradiction. How could it be that someone is both athletic and number cruncher? The answer could be in his pages under his  My Personal Nutrition Journey.

But I think the best place to start, is to read his post in remembrance of his teacher Woody, whom influenced him to give up a career as a kick boxer and instead give mathematics a fighting chance.
His post Thank you, Woody tells you how his life changed into a completely new direction , and therefore a place I recommend anyone to start of with.

As second place to go to is post about his experience of his participation at 2013  TEDMED. His post TEDMED 2013…now I get it tells you some on what is happening in the background leading up to the conference, and during it.

He gives some reference to various other speakers, but unfortunately no links to their talks. This is because he wrote the post shortly after the event, and they still had not been posted on the net. I checked some of them out, and they where very good.

So here are the links to 2 videos I can recommend: Zubin Damania at TEDMED 2013  and America Bracho: Community Leaders Promote Local
One of them are funny but both very good.

He also refer to an old talk by Ric Elias. And do as he writes. “Seriously. STOP READING THIS NOW AND WATCH IT.” The talk Ric Elias had at an TED event 2011: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed  is a something to stop reading this for a while and listen to instead.

Finally something about LCHF
So far, have no reading or videos I been recommending anything to do with LCHF or nutrition. Ok I did mention his Nutrition Journey. But I did not recommend it, not yet at least.

But before doing that, do I want to recommend you to listen to his own 2013 TEDMED talk. The Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?  do show his passion for the problem and a reflection of what he thought before and what he think now about cause and effect. But also point out, that today do we do not know definitely what the answer is. And that we have to be open to throw our prejudice and ideas out the window.

Also before I recommend the pages, is it something that need to be mention. Like all other pages out there in the internet does it seem as it is again only about losing weight and keeping it under control. This is as I tried to say before, something of a problem, as high weight is only one of possible symptoms for methabolic syndrom, To be more clear, one does not be fat or little round to have methabolic syndrom or get diabetes.

And this fixation with weight leads some people away for the issue that is important. What are the underlying markers and what to they tell us?
With that in mind can you read is journey

Is saturated fat and cholesterol bad for you
The blog post How did we come to believe saturated fat and cholesterol are bad for us?
Is a very good explanation to why everybody nowadays believes that “saturated fat is blood clogging”, while showing that this belief is actually built on very shaky ground. Reading and listening to his talk further down in the text is very informative.

Can you train and be on ketongenic diet?
Since I started with LCHF have I trained very little. My page My Training
tries to tell how much I have done. A couple of weeks ago did I restart with jogging and something I never done before, muscle building. I will describe it more on the page and try to keep it up to date in the future.

But one of the myths that exists, is that training and carbohydrates goes hand in hand. That you cannot exercise unless you also eat load of carbohydrates. This is something I want to debunk with my training page.

He already done that in his talk My Quantified Self, Part I
Again listen to his lecture further down the text: Peter Attia – An Advantaged Metabolic State: Human Performance, Resilience that is his personal story how he used to train 3-4 hours a day for competitions and still got problem. To how his body now reacts to his exercising.

He have the luck of being tested in some of the top facilities that exists for measuring performance.

Also, just as important, it tells us where our bodies take energy from, depending on type of exercise, and how much we have of it. And what is happening when you use up all the glucose your body have.

Point is, if they been wrong about that glucose is the only thing the body burn when exercising, very likely they been wrong with other things.

What is cholesterol?
Now we getting into some heavy stuff.

The straight dope on cholesterol – Part I
The straight dope on cholesterol – Part II

And so on for about 9 parts. I have not read everything and I believe I need to reread each of them several times before understand all of it.
Some of the topics are:

  1. What is cholesterol?
  2. What is the relationship between the cholesterol we eat and the cholesterol in our body?
  3. Is cholesterol bad?
  4. How does cholesterol move around our body?
  5. ……..

And as I said it is 9 parts

What is Ketosis?
More heavy stuff that requires some repeated reading  and slow digesting of information.
Ketosis – advantaged or misunderstood state? (Part I)

Ketosis – advantaged or misunderstood state? (Part II)

End notes
So this is the blog I started saying I would not need to write much. But if you read everything on this page and want to listen to what Peter has to say in his talks and recommended listening. Be prepared, it will take more than couple hours.


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