Sunflower hard bread

I found this recipe in a Swedish LCHF magazine*. Not only do I miss some tasty soft bread. But I as a swede, do I also miss some of the hard bread we have. Of course we are not the only ones that have it. But I like to see it as something Scandinavian. At least some of the types we have. This bread is so tasty and I love to just sit and nibble of couple of pieces.
I have added the gram so I could calculate the carb content of the whole bread.


1 dl (55g) Sunflower seeds
1 dl (62g) Flaxseed
1 dl (55g) Sesame seeds (unpeeled)
1/2 dl (30g) Quinoa seeds
15 ml Fiberhusk (could maybe be skipped)
5ml Salt
30 ml Fresh Rosemary (or use any other spice you like, use less if they are dry)
2-3 cloves of garlic (chopped or crushed)
2,5 water (3,5 dl if you let sit over the night, recommended)

Put everything in a bucket, steer it and let it sit for at least 15 min. I only done it when I let it sit over the night. So that what I think is the best. Especially as I’m using dry spices.
Turn the dough out on a baking paper. And roll it out with a rolling pin. If it is made of wood or anything similar. Should you wrap it in glad pack.

Set the oven to 150° Celsius.  And bake/dry it for 10 min, then take it out and cut squares by using something you think works. Like pizza knife or backside of knife. Then continue for at least 20 min. I have experienced that total time can be up to 45 min. Maybe because of the excess water. And have to turn it upside down half way in. As I am using reusable baking paper made of silicon. And it kind of watertight.

How thin should it be? Today did I test to only roll out half of it on my baking paper.  It covered about 3/4 of what I have done previous with the whole. And that seemed be no problem.

After adding the numbers do I find that the whole set contains only 36 g carbohydrates. And that is good. But the seeds contain also protein 43 g and 76 g fat.

The fat ratio is 76/(36+43)  = 0,9
This can be fixed by making sure you put a nice layer of butter on it.
Keep the bread somewhere warm and dry.

* By Marte Garmann



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