Long term effect on my taste buds

Couple of weeks ago was I in a smaller town of Sweden, and found myself not have eating anything late in the evening. So I decided to go and have a quick small fix one. An hamburger from one of those small kiosk places. That is not a Mc Donald, Burger King or any other similar chain. Still for at least for Sweden a well known brand.

I been eating burgers at least a couple of times the last year since I started living according to LCHF. But I have then removed the bread while eating. Not hard to do, and highly recommended. Of course, the other ingredients do contain sugar. If not the processed meat, then for example the ketchup. But I had at least lessen the amount by eating around (or rather between) the bread.

This time I was tired and just wanted to get back and sleep. So I decided to eat whole.

Well I am not sure that I ever will do that again. The taste of sugar was immense. I actually could imagine that, what I was eating, was kind of desert. I cannot remember to have eating anything as sweet, that was supposed to be some kind of normal food. Only comparable I remember, is many years ago, when I tried some different ready made tomato pasta sauces. Finding them so sweet with a feeling of eating sugar, did I quickly stop using them. Instead I did my own. Cheaper and better.

Of course everybody knows that the hamburger bread always been sweetened, so it was not only the wheat that gave the sweet flavor.

Then couple of days ago did I finally start to jog for the season. At least I hope it is a start and I will continue. I thought I could for one time sake have couple of beers afterward, together with some french fries. If one is to break, then do it all the way.

The french fries was a tad over cooked. But not to bad, and I think that I did not feel to bad eating them. But the beer felt strangely sweet. Not sugary as coke or something similar. But still, it was definitely a much sweeter touch in the flavor. I could not finish the second beer, it did not have a good flavor at all. And these used to be one of my favorites.

My only conclusion is that even though I in the old time was sensitive to sugar in food. Have I by avoiding bread and pasta and similar things, gotten more sensitive. So very small amounts, is enough to taste it.

And that is good I think. Because then when I want something sweet, does it not need to contain so much sugar for me to get the “kick”.


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