I feel that it is  a problem. And that it is to much talk about weight when it comes to LCHF and the metabolic syndrome.

This is a real problem for couple of reasons:

  1. It makes people think it is all about overweight.
  2. Makes people unaware of the health implication of eating to much of sugar and carbohydrates.
  3. And people become unaware of health benefits of eating right kind of fats.

If the first thing you find on when reading something is a picture of a fat person. Or text that concentrate about weight. Then naturally  they think it is a book, web page or youTube clip that is about diet in the meaning of losing weight. That is, an abnormal food intake.

And not the word diet when it means what one normally should eat. Would the question, What was the stone age people’s diet? Make you think that it is a question on how they lost weight?

If you think I am wrong. Take look at the wiki page about metabolic syndrome. First thing that draws your attention, is couple of fat bellies. Talk about a turn off from the important issue.

So one of the dangers here is, that if you suggest to some one that they should change their diet. Will  they think it is because you think they are overweight.

I remember one comment in an interview  with a doctor somewhere on the net. Was that the most difficult people to threat for metabolic syndrome. Was those who was slim. They could just not understand that it could affect them to.

Second reason is that people who is slim or happy of what they look like will not read, or pay attention to articles about low carb living. Because they feel that it is clearly not about them.

But it is. Food that are bad for you does not necessary make you sick in a day. It can take 40-50 years before the effect is seen. And by that time you passed to an age where ”Mother nature is not out to kill you, but just do not care about you any more”.

And slim people do get heart attacks, and get cancer. Just as they have diabetes.

Third reason is more or less as the second. Writing about the health benefits of eating saturated fat and at the same time discussion weigh loss. Makes the normal average person turn of their attention. And look some where else.

But at the same time, it does attract attention. I am a good example of that. The very reason I started to look into low carb living. Was that I wanted to lose some kg’s, and most of all, keep them off.

Gary Taubes have written two important books. ”Good Calories, Bad Calories” and ”Why We Get Fat”. Which of them the most read and is more talked about ? I do not have any numbers. But I think I can do a reasonable assumption. I give you a hint. What is his  (I also assume) most known youTube talk called?

But it is the first book that is most important. He goes into detail and have  lots of references. About 150 pages of them. I hope to be able to write some kind of review of it.

The main reason for me to eat according to a LCHF life style. Is not to lose weight. Even though I do appreciate the side-effect. Is because I like the idea, that while I am eating what I like enjoy, I at the same time lessen the chance of getting:

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart decease
  3. Make me continue to look younger than I am

The last point is about that I for long time been looking younger than what I actually are. I always thought is was just because I was lucky and did not worry in life. Now I think that me staying of to much sugar have helped a lot.




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