Weston Price

This is not an ordinary science paper, nor is it an ordinary book. But Weston Price was also not an ordinary dentist.

He had come to the opinion that the nutrition in form of flour and sugar was causing health problems in our modern world. (This was in the thirties.)

So he decided to travel to different isolated parts of the world. Areas that recently been, so to say, opened up to the rest of the world.
It could be a valley in Switzerland, that had been connected by rail road. And therefore in a starting to easy access to staples like flour and sugar. On location would he gather data on what they where eating and study their teeth and other health factors.

The goal was to find a correlation between bad health and increased use of just flour and sugar.

Among places besides Switzerland that he visited, can we find New Zealand, but also Islands of the Outer Hebrides.

Of course is there an article about him on Wikipedia. And it is found here:

His book is available on the internet to read here:


I found the book a little tiring. It is not a proper scientific report. Rather a travel dairy. He describes scenery and the people in depth. But for me would I like a little more graphs and tables.

But I am sure that many find the text entertaining. It does describe a world that has disappeared. And I find it fascinating that it was not so long ago. That you still could find areas where the population had little contact with outer world.


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