LCHF is not a new thing

The dietdoctor  has a note about the fact that LCHF is not newly invented diet.
Instead did a doctor already in 1797 report successful treatment of patient with changing the diet to low carb and high fat.

The article Diabetes Detectives  is definitely advisable to read. As it gives an insight of early medicine studies, and what have been known about diabetes over time.

Dr. John Rollo, a surgeon in the British Royal Artillery. With Dr. William Cruickshank—an artillery surgeon, chemist, and apothecary—Rollo undertook a longitudinal study of one Captain Meredith, who weighed 232 pounds and suffered from intense polyuria and dehydration. While adjusting Captain Meredith’s diet, the two doctors recorded the quantity and nature of the sugar in his urine and blood, relying in part on taste and in part on the degree of effervescence caused by the addition of yeast to his urine. Rollo showed that a diet rich in protein and fat (largely from animal sources) and low in carbohydrates—together with the administration of several medications, which are noted below—resulted in a substantial weight loss, the elimination of Meredith’s symptoms, and the reversal of both his glycosuria and hyperglycemia.

I think I got 2 things out of the article

  1. That diabetes though known, was very rare up to beginning of 20th century. So rare that the students did not even have any patients to study. Still they wrote thesis about it.
  2. Another thing is how problematic it must have been to be medic at those days when so little was known about the inner working of the body.

So what have changed with our diet during last 30-40 years or so? As  the medical student now have an abundant of patients to study. But they do not have to taste the urine to make a diagnose anymore.

A time where we gone from having fat in our food, to sugar. Well hello, we even call it the sugar sickness in Swedish.
Following image is taken from Lunds University (a prediction for 2025)
Diabetes in the world


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