How much sugar is it in pasta?

That our body turns carbohydrate into sugar in our bloodstream. Leading the body  to react with increased insulin level. And that in turn puts the fat in the fat cells, and keeps it there. Seem to be what is happening.

But how much sugar is it in pasta?

A while ago did I find a calculation:

(Carbohydrates  – Fiber) / 5 = number of teaspoons of sugar.

The amount should be i grams.

According to one site (, does boiled pasta contain:

Carbohydrates : 25,90 g, Fibre 1,10 g per 100 g.

Lets say my normal portion was 300 g . That would be:
(77,7 – 3,3 ) / 5 = 14,88

So one portion,, not counting anything else. Would be 14 teaspoons of sugar. And I read somewhere that at any given point does hour body contain 1 to 1 and half of teaspoons.

What about other foods. Put white bread in your mouth and hold it there. You will start to feel the sweetnes. And we all know that fruits contain fibres. So it protects us from the carbs. But is it enough fibre in them?

I do not know what a right level should or could be. But my thoughts are, that if you consume more sugar than your body contain normally, during one just one meal . Then it is bit to much. And even though our bodies have why to handle it. Can it not be good in the very long run.




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