Healthy on the wrong way

Kostdoktorn/Dietdoktor had a post about a documentary, Healthy by wrong way, from Finland. Where a guy that got type 2 diabetes cured himself with LCHF. Something the medical establishment did not like.

If I understand right, did the doctor claim that his improved blood values was because he was happy. But it is hard to get everything. Because though even if the documentary was mainly in Swedish did they sometimes use Finnish.

But something that does not need much translation is the different blood values and I think that these tells the story well.


First column as I understand when he got diagnosed. The others after starting eating according to LCHF.
One funny comment from those they interview. One ”maybe” can eat like this for 2 years. And then go back to eating 45-60 % carbs. The guy whose values it is, just said. Why should I again start eat things that made me sick?

I think many should ask themself that question. And how many more anomalies is it out there?

One thing more I find interesting is how many came to the Kostdoktors talk and that he does do lots of booksigning.


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