Does chocolate give you spots?

Long time now since I wrote anything. Unfortunately I been a little busy.

I read an interesting article on BBC News (Does chocolate give you spots?) about acne. You know spots. The question is if it is a link between chocolate and spots. Some people think so and other do not. According to the article is the verdict still out there.

What fascinated me with the article was not so much if chocolate actually cause spots or not. But the discussion about scientific result. How can one be sure that the studies are correct and do not have flaws in them. When it comes to food is there so many different things that can and should be taken into account. So even the simple act of finding out the effect of chocolate, is hard.

One thing that is it says:

Until the 1960s, the view that chocolate exacerbated the problem was widely held in the scientific community. It was thought that acne sufferers had an impaired tolerance of glucose, the sugar which our bodies convert carbohydrates into for distribution in the bloodstream. Popular textbooks of the 1940s and 1950s counseled against sugary food and drink – including chocolate – as part of acne treatment.

I think I take my guess on old honest wisdom. Just as everybody knew that carbohydrate made you rounder. They also very likely had it right about this.


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