BBC News warning of Processed meat

Again today has it been a warning of eating processed meat, red meat and fat. This time I found the article in BCC News.
They warn that you will die young!!! If you eat the stuff.

To begin with, do I like to say that I agree that one should stay away from processed food. It is just that this does not prove anything.

So let us see what it was. We got a link to the abstract. BMC Medicine where we can get a version of the paper itself.

First thing you can see is that is an observational study. That is they asked people what they for maybe last 6 months. And they check now 13 years later to see how many still lives. It is more to that. But I just give the short version of it.

For me is it no question about it i shit in shit out. If you look at any of this questionairs. And then ask yourself. How accurate would you fill it out? Or maybe, how would others fair? Do you rely think you would write truthfully?

We all know that people underestimate how much we rely eat. And on top of that, is it not that people who want to live healthy, would overestimate some things. While others with other priorities would underestimate same stuff. The mere fact that they would differ in how they over/underestimate things would mean: Who can be sure of anything?

Fundamentally one should ask How could some peoples opinion/memory of past eating have any correlating with what they have eaten and will be eating next coming 10 years?

It seemed a litte odd to me to find that they mixed in high fat suddenly. Till I read the study. And found that they made the assumption that process meat is high fat meat. To me have the sausages been low fat for the last 20 years.

According to the article so ”It showed people who ate a lot of processed meat were also more likely to smoke, be obese and have other behaviours known to damage health.

But of course did the scientist say that they took it in account. Just one slight problem, besides my above mentioning of how the input was gathered. They have not taken in account of the consumption of neither wheat, sugar or other starches.

To end do I just have to link to at the moment the latest blog post that rawfoodsos had. She do not write often, but the stuff is good.

It from there I got the link about the example questionnaire.




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