Are the cockroaches smarter than we?

I think I recal that during the cold war, did they say that in case of full scale nuclear war, would the cockroaches survive. Why they would, I do not know. But that was they said.

One thing is for sure, they are survivers as species. Anyone who have lived in places infested by them can testify that. Kill one, and 10 will show up for the funeral.

But are they smarter? As they according to an article at the bbc has learned to avoid the traps. It is the sugar they started to avoid. And even start to react at with disgust.

But do not worry, it is not that they are smarter than us, that makes them avoiding the poison. It is evolution.

As again, as long you live till you can reproduce yourself, will nature treat your nice. But if you die before, will your genes not be transfered to next generations. So those cockroaches that are repulsed by sugar, survive and pass their genes forward.

To read:
Cockroaches lose their ’sweet tooth’ to evade traps


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