My weight

In February 2012, did I weigh over 82 kg (180.4 lbs). And I decided that enough was enough. I had once, at the time when I was in my twenties, been weighing about 64 kg (140.8 lbs), With a length of 175 cm was I very likely skinny. But it was a weight that I more or less kept for 10 years. It did sometimes feel scary that the scale so consistently was telling me that number.

Then did I suddenly start to weigh about 3-4 kg more. So from that point did the scale now stop on 68 kg (149.6 lbs). I commented that once. And someone said that something had changed in my metabolism. I hardly new what that meant. For me I always thought it is all about calories in and calories out. I thought that I have started to move around less. And eat fattier food.

Then later in life, did I during 6 months gained a further 6 kg. But I knew why. I been working night. And drank lots of sweet chocolate. No wonder I was gaining. So it was time to start training. I was at that time 35 years old. And needed a goal. A friend suggested Stockholm Marathon. So during a time period of about 7-8 years did I run it 5 times.

People could ask me why I did it. Because it is strain on the body. The answer was that it then forced me to prepare for it. A half marathon is possible to do, even not fully trained. But the marathon had me going out and jog. And I could do it regularly for long period of time. But I never enjoyed training. It has been said that if you do it for a long time. Then it will be something that you enjoy to do and miss if you miss a day. I can truly say that I never felt an urge to go out. Only good feeling, was that after a run, and I could think to myself that I now did not need to do it again for a day or two. But I do think that in moderate amount is training good for the body.

My best time running the marathon was when I weight 68 kg. And I ran it on about 4 hours and 5 minutes. It very likely made me feel very content. Even though I had not gone under 4 hours. So I let myself to slack off. And last time I ran the marathon, had I not trained properly. I barely made it. That is, to finish within 6 hours. I promised myself to not do it again. Unless I had trained properly.

I been training time to time during the last years. Even I had not been training for a certain goal. Therefore it had been more sporadic. Among things I been doing is to go to gym. But I also used at home a Wii machine. My weight did reach 76 kg couple of times and I succeeded in fighting it down to around 74 kg. Only to find myself to stop there and let it go up again. This happened several times. I had started to yo-yo dieting.

So back to February 2012. I had become 48 years old. And now on photos could I see that the tummy had grown. And the scale did tell me that it was not a fiction of my imagination. Now did it not stop until it was over 82 kg. Not only did I yo-yo dieting. I was starting to gain more after each drop. Something very common among those who want to lose weight.

So it was time to start training again in earnest. And to watch what I was eating. Using the Wii machine. And making sure I select low calorie food at the lunch restaurant during weekdays. As it was a buffet restaurant where you can eat much as you want of different dishes. Did I also set a rule. Only the low calorie dish. I was not allowed to eat any of the other. It made the amount of food on the plate less of pile. During the year eating there had I stopped eating in the evenings. As one way to decrease the amount of food. Now I started with salads and occasional small portions.

What I also did, was to cut down on the pasta, rice, and potatoes. Doesn’t that ring a bell?

I started to get rid of the extra weight. At the beginning of May had I succeeded in losing 8 kg and the scale did now again stop at 74 kg. This worried me, as this was the border I not succeeded to pass last years. Also did it seem as my body did not want to continue lower now. It been there for weeks.

So I was  easy picking for the LCHF message.

I now know that this is what usually happens when trying to lose weight by eating less. After about 4 months does the body get adjusted to the less calorie intake, and uses less calories. And the only way to continue down is reduce the intake further. And I wanted to lose more. I felt that my optimal weight should be around 68 kg. As that was the weight when I ran the marathon on over just 4 hours. In reality I am happy to be below 70 kg.

A colleague at work had talked about LCH during lunches. And I had found it a little interesting. I had taken a look on some web pages about it. He then suggested a book. ”Matrevolutionen” by Andreas Eenfeldt. It is in swedish but he is known to have website And is well know in low carbs circles. By chance did I same day pass by a book store and happened to see the book.

The book was for me an eye opener.
Not only was I an easy to convinced because I wanted to lose couple of kg more. But as I never known so much about nutrition or the dogma of the day. Was it easy for me accept a different view about what kind of food is healthy.

When in about 40 pages into the book, footnotes suggested to listen to Gary Taube Why we get fat and doctor Robert Lustig Sugar the bitter truth on Youtube, was  I hooked. Especially the part about the sugar. I been for years complaining that everything have sugar in it. And now I got more to complain about.

At this point I like to make clear. That to me something, somewhere went terrible wrong. Different sickness like heart decease and diabetes started to increase. This correlated with data that showed  that the population was eating less animal fat and more sugar. It did seem to me that it would be a connection there. Yes I believe that they are linked. But of course ”that does not prove causation”.

So at the end of May 2012 did I stop eating food with carbohydrates in it. Except for couple of birthdays or holidays. I think I mostly stayed below 20 gram of carb a day. And a couple of months later could I celebrate (with beer) that I was under 70 kg.

Now today am I still around that weight. Meaning sometimes I just over. And some times I am around 69 kg.

At the beginning did I understand that the carbohydrates and sugar was making us sick. According to one headline does 30-40 % of Swedish population the metabolic syndrome. As even though one should not trust headlines, it is an indication.

There are some people who thinks that the metabolic syndrome is sign of a fat person. To me they are so wrong. It is possible to be fat and not have it. And it is possible to be slim and still have it. Only connection with body weight, is that is an indicator. Nothing else. As one doctor that I found on YouTube. The hardest person to convince that they have the have the metabolic syndrome. Are the ones who are slim.

So fat is actually healthy food. It is the food we evolved to eat. And that to much carbohydrates was not that good for me. As I been gaining weight over a long time. The idea I had, was that after loosing the kg’s I wanted. Could I still put back carbohydrates back to my diet.

But getting to read more and see the benefits with a proper low carb diet. Do I now think that one should only eat it on occasions. So I will once in while have a  cake, sweet choclate  or pizza and beer. Because I still love those and other carbo rich food, and think that one should not always worry about heart decease or cancer.