A N=1 experiment on eating over 5000 calories

I was on the Tom Naughton blog today and found a post Interesting Overeating Experiment

He links to guy who did a test on himself. Eating about 5800 calories a day, for 21 days. To see what would happened. Day 21 of The 21 Day 5,000 Calorie Challenge
When Spurlock in the Supers size me ate 5000 a day in a month did he gain about 11 kg.

This guy only gained 1,3 kg Of course he followed a low carb diet. His tummy on the same time shrank 3 cm !!

As Tom says in his movie Fat Head (today did I finally add that and others, under Video) Someone has some explaining to do. Because according to the calorie in and calorie out theory, should he have gained over 7 kg.

If I understand right will he repeat the experiment with carbohydrates in September, to see if the reason he did not put on anything is because he belongs to the lucky who cannot put on weight. And not the lack of carbs, As some of the comments been.

I am myself inclined to test myself in similar manner.

Above been edited.
Changed the amount of kg Spurlock gained.


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