My training

For the past 9 weeks have I been a good boy and exercise by running and building (hopefully) muscles at a gym. For how much and when, see My Training page

Each Saturday have I noted down what the scale been saying to me. As I have a scale that not only give me my weight but also have an opinion on my fat, muscle and water composition. Have I been keen to see any difference. Would I see any?

Values for Fat, Water and Muscle are in % (and yes the sum is more than 100%)
9 weeks point

As can be seen, have it not been any large differences, but there is a trend of slow improvements. I think it started after 10th of August. When the length and time of my running did get as long as 17 km. It is something I have been experiencing earlier in life. It is only when my running been long, that it has been any effect on my body.

One thing I noticed when I started was that I tended to eat more. Something I always been warning others for. When people start training, the more they want to eat. It have been harder for me to listen to the body signals telling me I had enough.

To me, training shorter time than 1 hour at a time and not watching out for the “working up the apetite” signals, is just waste of time. If weight loss is the goal. But I have always considered that it is good to move the body around in moderation. This level of my exercise could be just above that. But as the preacher said, “do what I teach not what I am doing”.

One thing I wonder for those who think that the only reason for me not to lose weight in the beginning, and actually increasing. Is because I was building muscles. And that is correct as seen on my muscle %. But why did not my fat % decrease?

Another thing that is worth noticing is the increase of water in my body. I been a big tea drinker. About 12 cups daily. Always thinking that it could not be that healthy and I should cut down on it. But when not having any real medical reason for it. Why should I?

Then I read that to high coffee consumption could lead to magnesium deprivation. Right or wrong, I think that coffee and tea is very similar. It is only that tea is weaker than coffee. So as I sometimes ad magnesium to my diet. Could I not help thinking that, this seems stupid. Why add magnesium when the reason for the need could be that I drink to much tea.

So past 9 weeks have I also during my work days limit my tea to a maximum of 6 cups a day. Preferable only 5. My reward have been that during this time have the water % slowly increased, and finally since I bought the scale a couple of years ago, is it not complaining that I have to little water in my body. Even though I am just on the border.

I wonder how much difference in my water composition effects the other value. Have just a feeling that they seem to follow each other. But have no proof of anything.

An update:
One can find a interesting documentary from BBC on youtube. The Men Who Made Us Thin
I seen the first part and could agree to most in it. But the second part The Men Who Made Us Thin Ep 2 HD, definitely struck home.
In essence:

  1. Do you think exercise will make you thin?
  2. And do you think the pharma industry is always honest?

The depressive thing is that it does exist a golden bullet out there for obesity. It is called fat.